Dariya Cherkasheninova

Alchevsk is the beginning

On December 31, 1994, Dariya Cherkasheninova, as her real name is, saw the light of this beautiful world in Alchevsk. She would turn out to be the pride of her mother and grandma.

New stage of life “Kiev”

Around 2014/15 she met and fell in love with the guitarist Sergey Sershen from the locally well-known garage band “Morton” in Kiev. At first, Daria only occasionally did covers with her new boyfriend Sergey. From 2018 the two really took off. At that time, Daria had almost 2,500 followers on Instagram. It is currently at 118,000 (01/2022).

Daria’s family:

Not much is known about Daria’s family. Only her mother and grandmother can be found on the internet. It is not known who her father is and whether she has siblings. Sergey Pologowitsch may be her father and Sascha Pologowitsch her half-sister. But these are just guesses! Daria once talked in a story about a sister who gave her something for her birthday. It could be Sascha. She follows her Insta account. As well as Sergey’s account.


mother: Olga Cherkasheninova | VK


granny: Ljudmila Cherkasheninova

Father probably: Sergey Pologowitsch
Half sister probably: Sascha Pologowitsch | Instagram

friend or husband

She has been in a steady relationship with Sergey Sershen since 2014/15. This is indicated by a post by Sergey Sershen on Instagram. There he writes “love happens” under an intimate photo of the two.

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