For a long time it was not possible to tell anything new about Daria and Sergey. The reason should be known to everyone. Today I would like to talk to you about a few things.


New covers on YouTube:

Due to the known circumstances, it is unfortunately not possible for Daria and Sergey to record new covers at the moment. So it only remains to hope that this act of war by Putin will be ended quickly and things will return to some extent to normality.


What are Daria and Sergey currently working on?

The two are currently using their music to process the terrible events in their homeland. The fact that they can’t record covers right now has meant they’ve been working a lot on their own music over the last month.


Sergey has released two instrumental tracks on Patreon. Both deal directly or indirectly with the war. As already written, this makes it possible to process the bad events.

The two also released a song together. Which of course deals with the events of the last few weeks. It is the first own song that the two have shared with the large music family. “Liar” is the name of this wonderful song, which is also available in a second unplugged version on Patreon.

You are cordially invited to support Daria and Sergey on Patreon, where you can of course get almost all covers as MP4, WAV and MP3. Lots of exclusive photos and last but not least some autograph cards from Daria.


Daria offers some levels. You can support Daria from $1 per work. At the same time you can set a limit. She publishes approx. 4 works per month, which you can support completely or up to a limit. Other levels are $3, $5, $10 and $50.

You are welcome to contact me via the web form. I’m happy to answer. But this answer is unofficial. Since I’m not a band manager of the two. I’m just a fan like you and I’ll forward the requests as well. However, I cannot guarantee that you will get an answer.

We are very happy if you share our fan page with your friends and help Daria and Sergey indirectly. I wish you all a nice week and above all health.

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