Merry Christmas

As Christmas approaches, let us remember those who are caught in wars they did not start and are trying to survive the holiday season the best they can.

Let us also think of those who are using music to express their experiences and touch other people with their art, as a way of processing the terrible things they have been through.

No one deserves to be caught up in a conflict, no matter their religion, nationality, or background. This includes the people of Russia, even though their leaders are the aggressors. We can only hope that the Russian people will be able to get rid of their dangerous and seemingly unhinged leader soon and that peace will return to Europe.

Wishing a peaceful Christmas to Daria, her family and friend Sergey, as well as all Ukrainians, and that they may return to a life of peace soon. Let’s listen to her wonderful cover versions and her first own song Ashes.

Merry Christmas to all Daria’s fans, to Daria and Sergey and family.

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