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Greetings to Daria Zaritskaya’s friends and fans,
The following is a playlist with all the songs by Daria and Sergey. By playing these songs, you will support the musicians from Kyiv who are going through a difficult time. Take a moment to listen to the playlist and remember all the people of Ukraine.

War criminal Puftin is currently waging a perverse war on the people of the ukraine. If you’d like to offer Daria and Sergey a glimpse of hope, you can play their music or even better, you can donate to their Patreon account.

Listen to the playlist directly on the site if you have Spotify Premium, if not, switch to the Spotify web player or app to listen to it there.


You are welcome to follow us on Instagram as well. We post a lot about Daria Zaritskaya there, including news, fanart and much more. It will be a real pleasure for us to build such a large community with you.

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