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Peace to all people of Ukraine!

After digesting last night’s shock, I would like to turn to all of you today and plead for your prayers for Daria and her compatriots in Ukraine. I would like to appeal to my Russian friends to raise their concerns with Putin. It is imperative that this injustice, these unspeakable and inhuman acts of war are stopped immediately, so he must leave the Ukraine immediately.

It can’t be that Putin thinks he can attack sovereign states just because democracy in this country isn’t in accordance with his delusions. This is an injustice to the innocent people of this country. In addition to that, the Ukrainians are the brother people of the Russians! We need to end this wicked war as soon as possible.

Voices from Ukraine

Here is what our Ukrainian friends think:

Dear all, as we write this text, for the moment, each member of JINJER and our families are safe and unhurt. We truly appreciate all our fans around the globe for caring, getting in touch and for all the sympathy and support for our band and more importantly our country.

As you all know, early this morning on February 24th, Putin started the war against the sovereign and independent #ukraine! Please know that in this time we really depend on you, our fans in every country- to support Ukraine and peace in our country however you can- especially our fans in Russia, you and your opinion matter the most at this time. 

NOTHING can justify the violence and death of innocents, and this is exactly what’s happening in our country right now.

Stop the war in Ukraine now!


This morning began early for all of us.
Sadly, everything you guys heard in the news today is true. (But also there’s lots of fake vids) 
It’s officially begun. Thank you for showing that you care. I appreciate your support. 

Trying to stay calm and not to panic. Before you ask, no, I’m not going anywhere. There’s nowhere to run really.. the borders are closed. It’s better to keep calm and act rationally.
Also, not really an important thing but we have a video scheduled today but I don’t think it’s relevant and appropriate to share it now, so we’re sorry.

That’s it for today.
I pray for peace ☮️ 

Daria Zaritskaya

Don’t give the war a chance!

In light of this, let’s hope that all Ukrainians remain healthy as much as possible and soon escape from these horrendous acts of war!

All of you, please be careful and look after yourselves and your loved ones!
We are Zaritskaya love!

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